Our children’s books about animals learning about music, have been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the US Mom’s Choice Awards.

‘Wombat’s Musical Adventure’ – the Audio Book‘-is a Gold Recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards.  Named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services.

‘The Surround Sounds of Music’ – Book One in “The Musical Adventures of Professor Anacrusis” is the recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Silver Award!

 ‘Tales-About-Rhythm & Music-Notes’ Book Two in “The Musical Adventures of Professor Anacrusis” is the recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Silver Award!

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These Children’s Books about Music are suitable for primary age children.  The fascinating stories, with eye catching illustrations, give children the opportunity to enrich their lives through the understanding of music and musical instruments.

 Professor Anacrusis is a teacher and musician who teaches Australian bush animals about musical instruments and some aspects of the structure and language of music. Accompanied by Riff, the musically inclined dog, and Keyboard Cat, the bush animals share exciting and engaging musical adventures as they discover where songs live and why music makes us feel so good.

Understanding music theory at any age and learning to play a musical instrument can be difficult and these stories keep the spotlight on musical instruments, the language of music, rhythm, time signatures and music notes. There is limited space for complex technical explanations due to the character of the stories and therefore these books are not meant to be tutor books – just old-fashioned story telling that sneaks a musical education in the background.

Book One – The Surround Sounds of Music                                                  

  ‘What is music?  Is it more than just a noise?’ Wombat, Koe the koala, and Pocket the kangaroo, three little bush animals on holiday, are dismayed to find that this really difficult question about music is part of their homework. And Koe is even more concerned when he considers that he doesn’t like music.  Or at least he doesn’t think he does.   The animals need help.  Then they meet Professor Anacrusis at The Music Shed, and experience the wonder of musical instruments playing irresistible tunes.  They soon discover that learning about music is a fun and exciting adventure.

This engaging children’s book has fascinating animal characters, and introduces the concepts of natural sounds, created music, and a range of instruments.

Book Two – Tales about Rhythm Music Notes

Wombat is having cello lessons but is finding that learning how to read music and understand the meaning of music notes and values, is much too hard to understand.  Accompanied by Koe and Pocket, Wombat visits the Music Shed where the animals enjoy movement and rhythm discussions with Professor Anacrusis. But while they are busy working out note values, and playing with music notes in the train carriages, there is trouble brewing at the Music Shed.  So, what really happens when some of the music notes decide to run away?

 This second book in the children’s music book series continues to use the animal characters and the Professor, to introduce musical notes and timing. It is a very suitable adjunct for teaching the beginning of music theory.

Albert’s New Friendly Everyday Song

When Albert enters an original song competition, he composes a new friendly everyday song. ‘Songs just pop into my head,’ he says as he explores his neighbourhood collecting different sounds to make tuneful chords and a catchy chorus.  Along the way, Phoebe helps him choose some musical instruments to play his competition song.  The thing is – will his new song be good enough to win the competition?

Wombat’s Musical Adventure – Tales from the Bush.

This is a fascinating introduction to musical instruments and an easy to read story for young children.

Wombat wants to play a musical instrument.  An easy one. One that is not too big and not too long. Not too difficult and not too loud.  With the assistance of Bundy the dog, Wombat begins to look at some musical instruments.  But – will he find one that is just the right size and shape for a little wombat to play.